Plantar Fasciitis and Tight Calf Muscles: How Pain Can Spread?


There is nothing more important than living a healthy life. But no matter how hard we try it there are some situations in which we have to go through the utter pain and suffering. Calf pain is also one of them and due to unbalanced lifestyle, overweight and excessive exercise, this can occur at any age.

Most people relate this to the plantar fasciitis. The logic which is usually given behind this is that all the joints are somehow related to each other and put effect. You must also understand the fact that calf pain also attached to the heel bone and there the problem of plantar fascia usually arises. In order to know that answer to our question how the calf is pain related to plantar fasciitis first, we need to know about the actual reasons. There are many occasions when we have to suffer from this problem but you must also understand the basic reason behind this problem to get the right solution for this. It is also very important to know about the basic details to explore the relation of them.

What is plantar fasciitis?

According to PlantarFasciitisSupport, Plantar fasciitis is the main reason which creates the problem of heel pain. There is a band of tissue which is called plantar fascia. The main function of this is to keep you connected with the heel bone and it also connects the toes to our foot structure. You must have noticed the fact that our foot makes a kind of arch which must be supported by some tissue. Plantar fascia builds up the required support and any strain in these muscles can cause swelling and pain. Any stretch in this muscle can also be a potential reason for inflammation. This can stop the regular activities of your body and you may not be able to make the basic movements with it.

The Relation

There is no doubt that muscles of them are attached to each other. In simple words, you can say that everything is somehow connected to each other like a chain. Stiffness in one muscle can also create a problem for the other muscles as well. Calf pain is not directly putting any adverse impact but it is very closely attached to plantar fasciitis. In other words, you can say this it is the most delicate part of the entire chain and thus easy get affected by any change.

Remedies and other solutions

Most people get confused and they start linking it to the heel pain. But in the real sense, you must treat the pain effectively to resolve the problem. Even in the many research programs are conducted time to time and they reveal the fact that you can hardly get the effective treatment for the plantar fasciitis without treating the pain. In the last, there is a very close relationship between the two types of these pains, so you should start treatment with the calf pain relief first.